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The most important part of any company or organisation is the image it presents both to the business community at large as well as its existing and potential clientelle.

The only way to build a strong company brand is to have a strong corporate identity. It's not hard to imagine how an inferior or unprofessional logo suggests the same of the company it represents.

From sole traders through to large groups of companies Allsorts Design are well versed in creating the right identity for the right company - an identity that will be as unique to your company as a fingerprint.

Click the links below to see some of the corporate identities we have created and how they have been used in company stationery to build a cohesive corporate image.

Latin American Translation Services

Tudor Rose Partnership - coming soon

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A.B. Latin American Translation Services wanted a logo with a definite Latin American feel to it. Whilst researching, these characters were found in a book about world mythology. They are from a reproduction of a the Codex Zouche-Nuattal; a work in praise of Tolque Nahuaque, the God-above-all of the Mixtecs, an ancient South/Central American tribe.

We reproduced the figures in a flat colour, high-contrast style - almost like a wood-cut, so that only the most basic of details stood out. The client then decided that they would choose one of the four to be used as their main logo, with the other figures to be used to enhance the design when the occasion arose.

Whilst looking at the various South American mythologies we noticed that spiral paterns were often used. We decided to incorporate a simple spiral design into the overall corporate concept to give another graphical Latin American reference.
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The character left was chosen to feature in the main corporate logo as the client felt he was the clearest of the four icons produced and also it was their favourite.

We felt the choice of typeface for this design was particularly important. The wrong choice would ruin the overall feel of the design.

Therefore we chose a typeface we felt complimented the feel of the logo perfectly. The typeface has a very natural feel, the strokes of this particular alphabet being very angular, almost like they are carved into stone. An ideal accompaniment to the look and feel of the logo itself.
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